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  • Cancellation of letters of credit issued by the bank due to detected forgery in requests for the issuance of letters from the bank, the claim achieved the result by compelling the bank refunding deducted amount from our client’s account; the refunded amount was AED 500,000.000.

  • A compensation lawsuit as a result of a medical error, against the hospital and the treating physician, which was adjudicated by the Court of Cassation had achieved the desired compensation for our client “the patient” which set to be AED 250,000,000.

  • A wergild lawsuit against the insurance company together with the driver. As a result of car tire explosion, the civil and the criminal claim of “wergild” has passed all the criminal and civil stages, finally, the Court of Cassation considered the case and compelled the insurance company to pay the sum of monies after proving the responsibility on the driver’s part, based upon guarding of items.

  • Following up a bankruptcy case for multi-national companies against fifteen (15) banks in the UAE the total amount is set to be USD 200,000,000.00.

  • The Defendant employee has been released after being charged with breach of trust and sentenced in absentia to imprisonment for 6 months and deportation (the amount of claim was five million Dirhams) .

  • Arresting the convicted criminal within 48 hours, following our power of attorney, the robbery amount AED 20,000,000 been settled after 3 years.

  • After kidnapping his children and cancelling wife's UAE residence visa, a new UAE residence visa been issued for the wife, whereas the husband was sentenced to divorce and travel ban until he gave back the abducted children to his divorcee.